Moodboard Creation & Style Brainstorming


With this service you will get a one-to-one dedicated styling consultation. We will talk through your doubts, ideas, project goals and create the perfect moodboard to guide you and help you move you forward.

The final goal for this service is to create a moodboard and a colour palette that you can use for your logo, your branding, your wedding styling, even your home styling projects.

There is really no limit to what a moodboard can be used for!



STEP 1 - We start with you filling out a questionnaire to help me understand the style and type of business/project you´re looking to develop.

STEP 2 - We schedule a Skype or Facebook call and we go through the questionnaire together. During the call, we talk more in depth about your goals, ideal customer and audience, the vibe you want your brand/project to give.

STEP 3 - You re-fill the questionnaire following the new ideas that result from our conversation. We´re honing it - yay!

STEP 4 - We work together on a Pinterest board, until we find the perfect images combination. 

STEP 5 - Once the Pinterest board is ready, I will create a mood board & color palette collage for you (like the one in the photo).

You will receive:

  - a mood board with a colour palette in pdf, png and jpg. You will receive both A4 and A3 formats.

 -  the colour codes of the colour palette

The whole process takes 1-2 weeks.



$ 170 /  € 170  /  SEK 1700 (Read about payment here

Some Moodboards and Colour Palette examples (click to enlarge):

" I found the consultation transforming in every way.  It helped me to perceive my brand as a complex unit, where all the individual parts must be connected and at the same time complement each other. We can say that the initial questionnaire is an indicator of how well you know your brand. The good thing is that it offers you solutions on how to improve your knowledge. Each step is challenging from selecting the 3 words that describe your brand to colors, style and finally the target.  I had hard time to put everything together. Only after deep thinking and discussion with Akemi I found my new direction!" - Vladka Mervova, owner at La Brella

"I now have a very clear feel of my brand and where I´m going with it. I have a whole section in my notebook full of notes, images and feelings from which to work from and have even had some breakthroughs regarding styling I never would have had"

 - Victoria Teasdale, Coach for Introvers and Diverse Thinkers

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