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From ideas to branding - aligning your business to your heart.

Hello, bold lady!

I heard you have an idea for a business, and it is a great one.

It builds on your passion. It lets you be the creative that you were born to be. It will give you plenty of free time to go enjoy your yoga classes.

Or…will it not?

Yuck. Those sneaking doubts again.

“Is my idea profitable for real? Will I get stuck at a hobby stage? Will I be able to make a real income out of this?”.

Ok, ok. I got you. Let’s take a deep breath.

Then, let me help you get out of this confusion mud you’re sinking into.

Then after that, let me help you design a business which leverages on your best creative skills and talents, your true time availability, your budget and your best-matching audience.

Sounds exactly what you dream of? Then let’s do it! Let’s build a business which speaks of you and for you.

But first, one question.

What would you need help with the most?


Brand Clarity + Brand Styling


Pre-Brand Coaching + Brand Styling


Errr…With Everything?


Keep on scrolling to read some customers’ love and discover who is behind Bold Type Studio (hint - Sofia Akemi is the name!)

The About Section



Akemi has an amazing gift to help women translate their brand vision into reality. I still believe that only she could help me make PMP pretty! Lol! I appreciated her patience and guidance.
— Tiffani Love, Owner of tiffany the pmp
I found the brainstorming consultation transforming in every way. It helped me perceive my brand as a complex unit, where all the individual parts must be connected and at the same time complement each other. Only after deep discussion with Akemi I found my new direction!
— Vladka Mervova, owner of La Brella
Akemi was able to turn a vague idea I had into an actual brand design. That was definitely good understanding of my brand’s aspirations! Needless to say I am very happy. I surely recommend Bold Type Studio.
— G. Maestri, owner of Photo Maestri Studio
I now have a very clear feel of my brand and where I am going with it. I have a whole section in my notebook full of notes, images and feelings from which to work from and have even had some breakthroughs regarding styling I would have never had
— Victoria Teasdale, Self Knowledge and Dicovery Coach and participant to one of Bold Type Studio's branding challenges.

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Hello, there! I am Sofia Akemi.

I am a brand designer, illustrator and certified Transformational Life Coach based in Barcelona, Spain.

I have a passion for new projects and new beginnings .

In fact, I have changed career one too many times. I went from working in the no-profit sector to fashion design and illustrations, passing through acting and private teaching. And, I did all of this while feeling somewhat frustrated by not being able to do it all.

FOMO, anyone?

Then one day, I decided to work deeply on myself. I decided to find what made me really tick (or spark with joy, in Marie Kondo-ish language). Also, I looked at what I could definitely not stand nor compromise with.

The deep re-discovery journey helped me transform my mindset and get me on track. Yay!

How did I do this?

I mapped my strengths, skills, natural attitudes, passions and life mission. Then I brainstormed about how this could match my lifestyle, my time availability and sleep deprivation (I am a mom, you know) and the number of cups of coffee I would allow myself per day.

The result was that I decided I could use my passion for entrepreneurship (my interest) to help women (my mission) brainstorm (my acquired skill) and connect all the dots (my natural talent) and translate it all into a design product (my passion and hobby since the age of 3).

Now I want to give back.

I want to help you do the same. I want you not to have to compromise with who you are. I want to be sure you are leveraging on your true strengths and skills. I want you to know your options and get real about what is possible or less likely.

If you feel ready to take the step to clarity, I am offering a 30 minutes free call. We can discuss your ideas, blocks and possible steps forward.

Make sure you write 30 MINUTES FREE CALL in the subject line :)



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