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With this service, you will get a mood board to help you get your brand styling inspired and focused. 

A mood board is a collection of photos that taken together, create a "mood" - namely the feel you want your brand to evoke in your target audience. A mood board serves also the purpose of finding the right color scheme for your brand styling. It´s your reference for all the visuals you will develop for your business.

You get it - it´s an extremely important tool for creating your brand styling!


STEP 1 - We start with a questionnaire to help me understand the style you´re looking to develop.

STEP 2 - We work together on a Pinterest board, until we find the perfect images combination. Your active participation is required!

STEP 3 - Once the Pinterest board is ready, I will create a mood board & color palette collage for you (like the one in the photo).

You will receive:

  - a mood board in pdf, png and jpg. You will receive both A4 and A3 formats.

 -  the color codes of the color palette

The whole process takes 1 week.


$ 80 /  € 80  /  SEK 800 (Read about payment here

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Sometimes you need a bit of help to find the right direction for your brand.

You have set up your business, but you just find it difficult to define your true mission and your brand´s scope.  You see your branding and brand styling taking hundreds different directions and you do not know how to keep it all together. Sounds familiar?


With this one-to-one brand brainstorming consultation, we will get your business and branding on track again. We will go through your business´s fundamental message first and once this is defined, we will move to creating a brand styling that truly resonates with your brand.

This service includes a one-to-one consultation session (either via Skype or private email exchange), followed by a set of recommendations. Full focus on your business for as long as it takes to get your branding right!


STEP 1 - We start with a questionnaire to help me understand what is your business about.

STEP 2 - We set a Skype meeting to go through your answers to the questionnaire and clarify any doubts you may have. 

STEP 3 - Once the questionnaire is filled out and you are happy with your answers, I will create a branding direction document with recommendations for your brand styling. The document will include: suggestions on how to visually communicate your message, recommended colors and fonts for your brand, logo advice and style definition.

You will receive:

  - a Brand Styling Recommendations pdf document.

The whole process takes between 1 week and 10 days.


$ 150 /  € 150  /  SEK 1500 (Read about payment here

Here is what clients are saying:

" I found the Brand Brainstorming transforming in every way.  It helped me to perceive my brand as a complex unit, where all the individual parts must be connected and at the same time complement each other. We can say that the initial questionnaire is an indicator of how well you know your brand. The good thing is that it offers you solutions on how to improve your knowledge. Each step is challenging from selecting the 3 words that describe your brand to colors, style and finally the target.  I had hard time to put everything together. Only after deep thinking and discussion with Akemi I found my new direction!" - Vladka Mervova, owner at La Brella

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