Nordic wabi

I am in the middle of a brainstorming about my brand. As many of you know, I run an Instagram page called Nordic_styled. As a lover of interior design, I have been exploring beautiful Nordic interiors´photos for the purpose, but I have also been thinking about a way to combine my graphic / brand designer work with my passion for home styling. 

While I have not yet come up with a good idea about a unifying business, this has pushed me to explore more my aesthetics.

I always thought I loved minimalism, but I now realize that it is simplicity which is really dear to me. I do appreciate minimalism, don´t get me wrong. However, the cold effect it sometimes creates does not fully resonate with me. My ideal aesthetics is really about things that convey the feeling of being grounded and calm at the same time.  The enjoyment of simple and beautiful things. Which is also what I love of both Nordic and Japanese design.

This mood board is - in a nutshell - my personal story. My aspirations as a designer, and the natural evolvement from my background.

Note:  Most photos are from Pinterest. Thank you to the authors and sorry if I am not mentioning all of you. It is hard to retrace original authors, but here are some I´ve found. Credits go to:,  kinfolk, com,,, Yuta Yamada through,, Shelby White,