Modern mindfulness

We here it often and all around. People talk about intentional living, mindfulness, authentic living. It´s a life aspiration which aims at de-cluttering your mind from the hustle and the dissatisfaction. And you de-clutter your mind by first de-cluttering your surrounding. Your style. Your desk.

It´s all in the small things and it´s about being aware of the moment. Button up your shirt. Look at the landscape. Pay attention to the music. Enjoy the greenery.

This mood board is inspired by a modern take to mindfulness. With neutral and clean colors like grey, white and black, accompanied by a soft, muted green. 

Brand styling inspiration advice: A good mood board for a minimalist clothing business or for a modern looking face cream brand. Perfect, also, for any high tech biz or even a matcha inspired modern cafe.

Could this mood board be the start of your new branding? Let´s discuss about how to use it for your businesses. Start form here.