Saturday mornings

Waking up to the calm sounds of the countryside, in a solid wooden bed and in warm, soft linen.

Looking out of the bedroom window and seeing a beautiful lake, still covered in the frizzy layers of the morning mist.

Then it´s time for a slow breakfast. With a home-made cake and a freshly brewed coffee. To be enjoyed with your loved one, on that rustic, old table in the kitchen. 

Maybe it´s a weekend away from the hustling urban life. Maybe it´s the slow life you have been dreaming about, infused with the colors of linen sheets and the smell of morning mist.

Brand styling inspiration advice: a lovely mood board choice for a bed covers and linen shop. Also perfect for a special coffee blend business or a relaxing coffee shop serving food on vintage bone-china tablewares.

If you are looking for a mood board for your new logo or brand styling, this could be your starting point! Let me know how I can help you. Start here!