Nordic wabi

I am in the middle of a brainstorming about my brand. As many of you know, I run an Instagram page called Nordic_styled. As a lover of interior design, I have been exploring beautiful Nordic interiors´photos for the purpose, but I have also been thinking about a way to combine my graphic / brand designer work with my passion for home styling. 

While I have not yet come up with a good idea about a unifying business, this has pushed me to explore more my aesthetics.

I always thought I loved minimalism, but I now realize that it is simplicity which is really dear to me. I do appreciate minimalism, don´t get me wrong. However, the cold effect it sometimes creates does not fully resonate with me. My ideal aesthetics is really about things that convey the feeling of being grounded and calm at the same time.  The enjoyment of simple and beautiful things. Which is also what I love of both Nordic and Japanese design.

This mood board is - in a nutshell - my personal story. My aspirations as a designer, and the natural evolvement from my background.

Note:  Most photos are from Pinterest. Thank you to the authors and sorry if I am not mentioning all of you. It is hard to retrace original authors, but here are some I´ve found. Credits go to:,  kinfolk, com,,, Yuta Yamada through,, Shelby White,

Far away

Wanderlust, with a vintage savour. Traveling to far away places. Discovering new landscapes and new flowers. The taste of new fruits, the beauty of different traditions.

When you go traveling without a planned itinerary and you can take all the time it takes to breathe in the life of your host country. No rush and just the pleasure of discovering.

A mood board inspired by the beauty of slow traveling. Of a time when you would go around with your analog camera and did not spend time selecting and deleting your photos. You were there to wait, instead, for the perfect photo.

Brand styling advice: a mood board for a high end travel agency specialised in Asia. For a tea house or a shop selling special spiced blends. Or a fusion restaurant, with a hipster retro chic clientele. Also great to inspire a vintage bohemian home decor.

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Modern mindfulness

We here it often and all around. People talk about intentional living, mindfulness, authentic living. It´s a life aspiration which aims at de-cluttering your mind from the hustle and the dissatisfaction. And you de-clutter your mind by first de-cluttering your surrounding. Your style. Your desk.

It´s all in the small things and it´s about being aware of the moment. Button up your shirt. Look at the landscape. Pay attention to the music. Enjoy the greenery.

This mood board is inspired by a modern take to mindfulness. With neutral and clean colors like grey, white and black, accompanied by a soft, muted green. 

Brand styling inspiration advice: A good mood board for a minimalist clothing business or for a modern looking face cream brand. Perfect, also, for any high tech biz or even a matcha inspired modern cafe.

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Saturday mornings

Waking up to the calm sounds of the countryside, in a solid wooden bed and in warm, soft linen.

Looking out of the bedroom window and seeing a beautiful lake, still covered in the frizzy layers of the morning mist.

Then it´s time for a slow breakfast. With a home-made cake and a freshly brewed coffee. To be enjoyed with your loved one, on that rustic, old table in the kitchen. 

Maybe it´s a weekend away from the hustling urban life. Maybe it´s the slow life you have been dreaming about, infused with the colors of linen sheets and the smell of morning mist.

Brand styling inspiration advice: a lovely mood board choice for a bed covers and linen shop. Also perfect for a special coffee blend business or a relaxing coffee shop serving food on vintage bone-china tablewares.

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The Slow Life

Are you also feeling this fascination with a slow lifestyle? I do not know if it is the Kinfolk trend effect. But I really am in the mood for neutral, calming colors, nowadays.

Here is a mood board inspired by the calmness of a slow lifestyle.

When you have time to enjoy drinking your coffee, watching your flowers grow, appreciate the frost on the trees from your window, look at the beauty of the clouds, feel the wind blowing. 

And drink more coffee.

Brand styling inspiration advice: this is a mood board that would work well for a natural material clothing brand or home textile business. Also great for a rustic looking café or a landscape photography business.

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Stylish Lush Nature

Palm houses, flowers and fruit bonanza. Dreaming of places where nature surrounds you, lushly. And when you cozy up in an indoor, white walled house, you can sit on your chair, look at your window and wait for that beautiful, pink sunrise light.

A sweet bohemian mood board which combines the warm and sunny colors of flowers and morning sky, with the deep green of big leaves.

Let´s not forget the calm silence of your minimalist room, where you can enjoy your energy filled, fruity breakfast.

Brand styling inspiration advice: a great mood board for a boho chic jewlery brand. Also great for a bed and breakfast targeted to dreamy, modern boho travellers.

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Vacation mood

It´s getting pretty warm, here in Bracelona. Walking by the sea on a sunny day makes it feel like if it was an everlasting vacation.

Here is a mood board inspired by that (happy) vacation feel. With that sweet tropical vibe and the beauty of discovering your holiday destination.

A color palette with the colors of the sun, crystal clear water and flourishing greenery.

Can you feel the fruity breeze?

Brand styling inspiration advice: 

this is a mood board that suits well a tropical-chic inspired clothing or bags brand.

Also great for swimsuit brands and casual summery accessories.

What about for a freshly squeezed juice shop?

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Ethereal relax.

You may have seen this mood board around on my Instagram account and on my website.

This is one of my favourite collages of photos. And one my favourite color palettes, too. 

It evokes a muted, stylish calmness that I wish I could replicate in my home styling.

Ethereal relax. Quiet style. That sense of calm internal peace that I feel when I am in a minimalist and beautiful hotel room.

With wood and beautiful stone, the view on a calm seascape, some green leaves in a vase in a corner. A dreamy place for an inner quiet joy.

Brand styling inspiration advice:

This is a great mood board for a small boutique hotel, a stylish modern cuisine restaurant or cafe´, or a natural soap maker with a minimalist mindset. To be used with a lot of white space around.

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