About the studio

Bold Type Studio is a Brand Styling and Illustration studio founded by Sofia Akemi Marchi Aubert, graphic designer with a passion for Nordic interior design and cozy minimalism. The studio helps small business owners create beautiful minimalist brands that convey an emotion. With bespoke design and deep understanding of your brand´s goal, Bold Type Studio aims at turning your story into compelling and elegant visuals. 

Bold Type Studio is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. 

About the founder

2016-12-13 Sofia 61.jpg

Hello, there! I am Sofia Akemi Marchi Aubert, an Italian-Japanese graphic designer with a passion for clean, minimalist design and moody looks.

With a background in Oriental Studies and International Politics, I approached design first as a hobby and then - during my years in Sweden - as a career.

In my design style, I combine my life experiences and roots. My work is influenced by elements of Nordic design, a touch of Wabi-Sabi and a flavour for history.

I love to help small business owners find their branding voice and convey it throughout their branding visuals.

Your brand´s story is your secret weapon to stand out from the crowd. Let it be your guiding star!


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